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Only by tackling the root cause of the pain, can long term relief be achieved.

We have built up a reputation for providing excellent therapeutic massage in Shirley bringing comforting relief from back, neck and shoulder pain without medication.  All our therapists are highly trained, qualified and insured and hold memberships to professional bodies. 

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Being a message therapist is just a job for some, but for us the healing arts is a calling. Each and every individual you meet at Shirley Massage Centre is dedicated and committed to your' health and well being. Come in, tell us what your concerns are, we will put you at ease and make sure that today will be the first day in your road to recovery and well being 

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Shirley Massage Centre 351 Stratford Road, Shirley B90 3BW,

Shirley Massage Centre Chinese Massage

9:30AM - 9.30PM Every day   Mobile: 07552 699 664 

Never having had Origin Point Massage before I was worried. I have suffered from shoulder pain for 6 months and my Doctor recommended acupressure as I have a phobia on needles. I saw Liz at Shirley Massage Centre and she explained the treatments available and I was surprized how reasonable the prices were. Liz explained that healing does not happen overnight. I have come now for three sessions and I am amazed at the difference this therapy has made. Pain is reduced by 95% and I feel much better about myself  Roger, 45 Shirley

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Client Testimonials

I suffer from back pain, sitting in an office all day. Coming to Shirley Massage Centre refreshes me and the pain has gone. I've taken the recommendation about Ginger Tea and I feel so much better. Thanks Joanna, 51

If you're struggling with injuries, old age or just general aches and pains, there's nothing quite like a massage to help you get going again and recover your zest. We are experts at identifying areas of stress or injury and also at working with and around pre-existing injuries.

Origin Point Massage originated in the Far East. Chinese alternative therapies have been used for thousands of years, promoting a healthy lifestyle and alternatives to western medicine.

The purpose of Origin Point Massage is to tackle the root cause of your problem. This entails massaging the pressure points found alongside your meridian points found throughout your body.