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Ask yourself these questions, 

Are you satisfied with your current health condition?

Do you usually have restless and sleepless nights that  affect your daily routine?

Do you feel extreme body tension, increase in stress level, or are you always tired and fatigue?

Are you over weight or under weight ?

Do you have neck and back pain and constantly desire for a massage?

Do you have big beer belly for many years and still could not find an easy way to get rid of it naturally?

Have you found breast hyperplasia (malign breast lumps), that if not treated can become breast cancer?

Are you suffering from prostate hyperplasia, prostate problems?

 If you do have any one of the above symptoms, you must come and experience this magical DDS Bio-electric Therapy


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DDS Massage Therapy 

(DDS – Acid Alkaline Balance)

Principle and the Role of DDS Therapy - Why is so good

​1.  Clearing the Blockages of The Meridians
DDS Therapy can be controlled. It is the use of Electric current flowing in our body to stimulate the gas from within us, rectify and clear the Meridian passage. Once our Body Meridian is cleared with good blood circulation, nerves maintaining well such that illnesses cannot afford to survive and grow in our healthy body. All illnesses will be gone, our good health will stay.

2. Promote Blood Circulation
DDS Bio-Electric energy is able to penetrate deep into our system. By doing so, all our blood vessels will expand, a significant improve in blood flow will be observed, a reduction of blood viscosity, improve in micro-circulation, this greatly increase the storage capacity of oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide. This therapy is a best solution to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.

3. Activate Cells
By using DDS Bio-Energy actively, cells are re-activated, increases our body’s life force and energy, improve cell mucosal absorption power, balance our body bio-energy strength, increase in many good body enzymes, as such our metabolism and energy level are both enhanced dramatically.

4. Activate Nerve and Muscle Tissue
After applying Bio-electric energy to stimulate our nerves and muscles; it could excite and revive dying nervous system. As such, muscle is strengthened, repaired and muscle tension removed. Therefore, one would see great improvement in stroke patient, or people suffer from paralysis and muscle atrophy.

5. Regulating the Digestive System

It works in helping and regulating our endocrine glands and systems, all the organs that are controlled and regulated by endocrine systems will improve in their functions.

6. Has Anti-Inflammatory Effect
DDS Bio-Electric Energy can increase the number of white blood cells, strengthen them and enhance the anti-inflammatory and sterilisation effect within our body. 

7. Has Analgesic Effect
DDS Bio-Electric Energy once penetrated into our nerves, it could relief all kinds of tension and pain caused by poor nervous system.

8. Eliminate Fatigue
During the process of DDS Bio-Electric Energy penetrating into our body, ENDORPHIN increases in our body. As such, we could feel the sense of excitement and happiness, thus eliminating body fatigue. The effect is the same as after rigorous exercising but in a comfortable and relax way because we use DDS Bio-Electric Energy to achieve this state of increase in Endorphin in our body is definitely a great pleasure as compared to traditional physical exercise routine. 

9. Purify and Detoxify our Body
Our blood circulation will increase, metabolism will also increase. This process gets rid of all acidic and harmful substances within us. Our blood becomes more alkaline. As a result, triglycerides and cholesterols are removed, cleansing our body and retaining good health.

10. Beauty, Slimming, Fitness.
DDS Bio-Electric Energy enables electro chemical reaction in us. With the above mentioned points, we could lose weight. DDS Bio-Electric Therapy also allows us to retain youth, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, keep us healthy and fit.

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Shirley Massage Centre​

A pain free alternative treatment that promotes a healthy balance.

There is no needles, no drugs, no pain, no unsightly cupping marks or redness after treatment 

A micro-electric current (DDS Bio Current) penetrates your body to eliminate unhealthy charges. We use herb based cream and oil to cleanse you and help to gain good health. 

Prolong use of DDS Bio Current is gentle but with Anti-Aging long term effects. DDS Bio Therapy improves your blood circulation, adjust Acid-Alkaline Balance in your body naturally so you can stay healthy and young

Bio-electric therapy is a combination based on ancient Chinese Medicinal Principle, modern Western Reflexology, Bio-Electricity Technology. This combination emerged from our patented DDS Machine (CE Certified) transmitting out through the body that generates a low electric current and penetrates into our body to regulate the Meridian back to health so that the DDS Bio-Electric Energy could revive the weak Meridian. This generates good blood circulation, improve our immune system, as a result, healing takes place and thereafter regain good health.

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