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Regardless of causes, treatment for all the disorders and illnesses presented with symptoms as muscular pain, soreness, tingling, numbness, itching, distention, difficult breathing, stinging, swelling, dizziness, spasm, jerking of muscles, burning, fever, chillness, running nose, coughing, panting, diarrhoea, vomiting, spur, tumour, rash, and so forth will be to locate the place from which the pain originated and manipulate the tissues with pressing and rubbing as appropriate.

The origin point: the location or point where you use the origin-point therapy to prevent and cure illnesses. When one manipulates the origin point one will find the origin pain point in a particular spot.

If the problems are caused by “cold” (note: in this context “cold” refers to a lack of inner heat as described in Chinese medical theory) then treatment involves application of a heat source, such as moxabuxion, adzuki bean bag, pocket warmers, electric blanket, electric heater, and so forth. The use of heating sources should comfort the patient with warmth without excess heat causing a burning sensation.

If the originating area of the illness is unknown, but merely the name of it (such as depression, diabetes, hypertension, leukaemia, and lymphoma) is known, then it is advisable to locate origin pain point searching both sides of the spine on the back as well as the limbs. If slow improvement occurs, even though one has managed to locate and manipulate the origin pain point, that indicates that the disorder is mostly caused by “cold”.

 Therefore, application of a heating source is required.

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Original point massage originated from the ear East, the purpose of origin point massage is to tackle the root cause of pain. This entails massaging pressure points found alongside the spine, back of leg etc. Only by tacking the root cause of pain can long term relief from pain be achieved, why not give it a try? No pain no gain.

To feel the most benefit from this massage treatment remember, keep warm, light regular exercise and after treatment use a hot water bottle for the source of the pain. 

Origin-Point Therapy is consisted of a set of principles and a set of techniques to treat diseases. Typically, Origin-Point Therapy treatment involves nothing more than massages of the origin-points along the spine or limbs and application of warm pad on certain points of the body. The technique is simple, and yet the result is immediate and typically, amazing too.

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